Quilt Friends Are The Best

At our quilting bee Christmas luncheon my wonderful friends presented me with a quilt that they had made for me in Bud's memory.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude that these dear friends would make me such a wonderful gift. 

They met together secretly planning, shopping, and sewing my quilt with every thought of pattern, fabric, color, backing be just perfect.  The final touch was Rosemary's special machine quilting.

The pattern appropriately called Crosses, fabric in the dark colors that I like and even the label which brought tears to my eyes was perfect.

My quilt brings me much comfort and has a permanent home on the back of my sofa but most afternoons and evening you will find me cuddled up with it tightly. I love it, love it, love it.


Enjoy all the pieces of your life

Bud's Apron

I made this cute apron yesterday using a pattern found on Pinterest and one of Bud's Hawaiian shirts.  It was so much fun to make and simple, simple, simple.  I plan on making them for my daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters.  Love the way it turned out.  You can find the directions here.

Enjoy the pieces of your life,

The Gathering

Yesterday I was with seven of my best friends for our annual Christmas Gathering luncheon hosted by Carolyn in her lovely home.  Spirited conversation, delicious food, and of course a little Christmas exchange was enjoyed.  Our quilt bee, known as the Cut-Ups, are not only wonderful friends that meet twice a month but outstanding quilters. We share in each other's joys and sorrows but also get in plenty of lighthearted conversation and laughter.  I always look forward to being around them.

We first enjoyed wonderful salads, scones, cheese bread sticks, and Christmas Bark and then some wonderful desserts, of course all calorie free.

Cynthia, Peg, and I waiting patiently to open our gifts
Martha, Sharron, Adrienne, and Cheryl enjoying some yummy desserts

Peg slicing her delicious Lemon Tort with Carolyn looking on. 

This year we decided to simplify and instead of exchanging small quilts we all made potholders. Of course no party would be complete without a game, so as Carolyn read a story from "The Quilters,"  each time she said the word quilt, quilting, or quilter, we passed our bag to the right.  When she finished her charming short story we opened the gift that was in front of us. Every one was delighted with the original potholder that they received.  I received a beautiful pot holder from Martha that is so pretty, I will use it as a Mug Rug on my side table. Perfect size to hold a cup of tea and a cookie or two.

Since I have not been in the quilting mood lately,  I crocheted two Magic Potholders and sweet Sharron received them.  You can find the Magic Potholder pattern here.

And here we are------The Cut-Ups

Until next time,

Some New Toys------I Mean Tools

I could never understand all the controversity about crochet hooks.  For years if I needed a new hook, I just bought whatever was available at that particular store, so I had a collections of Susan Bates, Boye, and even some Hero.  I did find that different brands were better for different yarns but in general I preferred the old fashion, made in the USA, Boye hooks and had a favorite J hook.

Then I saw a post of a c2c shawl and commented on how tight (maybe that's not the right description) her stitch was.  She wrote back that she used Clover Amour hooks exclusively.  Anxious to try, I ordered  H, I, and J hooks from Joann.

My new hooks arrived within a week and I anxiously tried my first project.  From the beginning I was hooked, excuse the pun.  The shaft is so smooth the yarn glides off  like magic and the slightly bulky rubberized handle is so easy to hold and comfortable. There is no cramping in your hand trying to hold onto a skinny alumunimn hook.

In addition, to make it easier for the crocheter, the hooks are color coded.  No more trying to see the stamped size on the end of the hook.  The brown is J, green is I, H is blue, and so on.  So easy, I love it   Now every time I go to Joann I will pick up a new size hook, eventually completing my set.  My only disappointment is that Clover does not make a Size K or larger hooks.

I did find the gauge is a little different size per size, so it did pose a problem. with my UFOs.  With one scarf I went down a hook size to complete and with a shawl I frogged two skeins as working with my old hooks was going to be uncomfortable.

My conclusion -----I am hooked on Clover Amour hooks and proud of it.

Until  next time,


Last week there were four ufinished projects in my basket, this weekend between football games (go Ohio State) and a little Christmas decorating, I finished two.  One is a Christmas present so I can't show that just yet and the other a Prayer Shawl.  Eighteen Prayer shawls completed since last November. WooHoo

I saw this pattern on Raveley called Elise and it was made with fine thread and not really useful for a Prayer Shawl.  Then I saw a picture of one made with knitting worsted and it gave the shawl a completely different look.  Love it, it's a simple enough pattern and it was charted, love those crochet charts. The shawl will fit a rather tall lady as it dwarfs my 5' 2" frame.

Maybe with the help of Santa's elves I might be able to finish another project or two in my basket

Until next time,

.........and then there were twelve

Last week I joined the 2014 4th Annual NICU Charity Challenge to make twelve newborn/preemie hats in twelve days and donate them to a local hospital.  Since I lIke making hats and love all those precious little newborns, this seemed like a natural project to do.

Earlier I had purchased two skeins of Deborah Norville's Everyday yarn in Christmas red and a skein of Bernat's Pipsqueak with the intention of making a scarf.  Just enough for twelve little Christmas hats.  The fluffy soft Pipsqueak adds that special touch.  As I was running short on the red yarn I used two rows of the Pipsqueak instead of the one on the last two hats.  Wouldn't you know I like the last two hats the best.

A new pattern is offered each day of the challenge but I needed to make mine early and get on with the other three projects in my basket waiting to be finished.  If you are  interested in this project you can find the site here.

Yesterday I finished the last four and after Thanksgiving I will deliver them to the Baylor Grapevine Texas Hospital.  Wish I had more to give, maybe next year.

Until next time....