A Head Start

Since Hubby's recovery is going well after his bout with pneumonia /surgery, I find that I am anxious to get back to normal.  All my time was spent either at the hospital or by his side during his recovery at home.  Needless to say I never made it into the sewing room.  No quilts, no miniatures, and no new aprons.

But time was not wasted as I got a head start on hats and scarves for my friend, Jane, to take to the shelter next November. With old man winter still hanging around, they may be needed now. 

The count of finished projects for the month of January---------seven scarves, twelve hats, and a Prayer Shawl.

Stay calm and put your apron on,


  1. Wow! What a wonderful use of your time, making useful items for the shelter. I had missed you; didn't know about your husband's illness. Glad to hear he is better.

  2. Will pop back when I have more time to look around your cute blog, but wanted to answer your question. I've not tried the knitting machines, but several folks who donate have used the round looms and they make nice hats, so I would think the machine would as well. Let me know if you try one out.


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