A Trip To Pickers Point

I spent a little time yesterday at Pickers Point, a small antique mall close to home, (maybe a little too close,) looking for vintage linens and I came upon this little pink apron.  It reminds me of this Advance pattern, minus the pocket.

Looking at the apron style and fabric, I would say that it was made in the early 1940s.  Aprons with a small ruffle inset on the skirt were a design of the 40's and it was seen on both half aprons and full aprons, giving a feminine  touch while using little fabric.

This apron is small, not a child's but maybe a junior size.  The waistband only measures fourteen inches.. The fabric is in perfect condition, well made with no sign of wear.  I wonder who made it, was it a young girls first project or a gift from someone special?  Whatever the occasion, it must have been a treasure for the owner who kept it all these years.

Every apron tells a story, what's your apron story?


  1. I wish I had a Pickers Point nearby. The apron does look just like the one on the pattern. I'm going to really enjoy your new blog.

  2. I love vintage aprons, I have many!

  3. Adorable and it does look like it was made from the pattern.
    Love your new blog!

  4. Enjoying the new blog - count me as an apron-lover as well! Thanks for the apron book links - I have EllynAnne Geisel's book, but will have to investigate the others!

  5. aprons bring back memories of when I was little
    hardly ever see anyone wearing one anymore.
    hmmm maybe I need to make one and start wearing it!


  6. Congrats on the new blog. Love vintage aprons. Hugs

  7. I love aprons!! Mom had one ...falling apart. I made my sisters each one from her pattern! Mom ALWAYS wore an apron!!

  8. Wow that is cute, I haven't seen any vintage aprons that is a great find!

  9. You tend to see more people wearing them now. I remember all my family wore them daily.

  10. I have a few no one but Grandma ever wore one. I wear an old ugly one when I can!


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