It All Started With This Pattern

My love of aprons all started with this 1940's Simplicity pattern that was given to me when I was still in high school.  My sister and I were both beginning sewers and I am not sure why I received the pattern, but surprisingly it has had a place in my pattern box all these years.  Neither Mary Lee or I had any sewing instruction, not even the benefit of an eighth grade home ec. class, we learned from each other and each other's mistakes.  Back then, sewing most of your own clothes was the norm for all young girls and women and we joined right in.

I never made the apron but I was intrigued with the pockets and used that pocket pattern on many aprons that I made as a young bride.  In weeks to come I will show you the one remaining vintage apron I have using that pocket pattern. My hope in the future is to recreate aprons with today's fabrics using vintage patterns.  That could be a real challenge as many of the older patterns were not printed and had limited instructions.

This blog will share vintage aprons, vintage apron patterns, some of today aprons and whatever suits my fancy that might be vintage related.  Since I was a young bride of the late 50's and 60's, I am partial to the half aprons that were so popular during a time when the modern woman had more leisure time and didn't need the coverage of a full apron.  You will probably see quite a few half aprons, or as they are sometimes called waist aprons, on my blog.

I hope that you will join me on this adventure and see where it takes us.

Every apron tells a story, what's your apron story?

Betty Lou

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  1. Congrats on the start up of your new adventure Betty Lou! This will be a fun blog to follow!

  2. I love aprons and especially the vintage ones! So glad you are doing this...I look forward to reading your work!

  3. Really looking forward to reading your new blog about aprons. I will add you to my bloglovin xx

  4. This is great - I'm going to be hitting the e-mail button.

  5. I also am looking forward to apron discovery with your blog. Who could not like vintage aprons? While I like the half-aprons, I also like the full coverage ones like in the photo on the right. They remind me of our grandmothers (both mine and my hubby's) who were old-fashioned and wore them even when we were adults. So I hope you include a few of those.

    P.S. Love the alliteration in the blog title!

  6. I like full covered aprons since I am always getting something on my shirt - LOL!

  7. Oh how I love old aprons myself! I have one my grandmother made me as a child and treasure it. I often pick them up myself at shops when I see them.
    Hopping over to see your new blog!
    And I love your little Featherweight ..just like mine!


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