Remember 60's Mod?

One thing about sewing aprons is that you get to use a variety of fabrics that would not normally find a way into your sewing room.  So it was with this fabric, I wanted to try a current apron pattern and found this pretty print at Hobby Lobby for $4.00 a yard.  Definitely out of my safe, traditional, comfort zone but for this little apron it's perfect.

Reminds me of this vintage pattern Simplicity 4492 half apron with pockets all around trimmed and bias tape.

    Keep calm and put your apron on,



  1. Cute! Cute! Cute, I love that fabric!

  2. You find the most interesting fabric. I have a pattern similar to the one you used. I like the pockets.

    Also like the vintage patterns in your background design.

  3. I entered a contest and won an apron, the host actually like my letter so much she sent another one for my daughter too. And that's when apron madness began! I showed my daughter how to make an apron for her mother in law, I made one for my other daughter. Then my co-worker made one for all the ladies here at work. (I helped her cut them out). I love each one and keep saying I'm going to make more.

  4. Love you apron. I am in love with aprons esp.the vintage.
    Hugs donna

  5. Love your fabric and the vintage pattern! Just found your blog I'm a new follower


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