Wednesday Night Aprons

Oops, I should have pressed before taking the picture.

After taking the summer off, tonight is the first of our Wednesday night dinners at White's Chapel so it's time to add a couple new aprons to the rotation.   Butcher style aprons always work well especially if you jazz them up with trim and buttons.

When I serve the children their chicken nuggets, corn dogs, and macaroni and cheese, I like to wear  fun aprons that put a smile on their face.  I'm thinking an apron with a M&M's print would be cute.  Have to put that on my "To Do" list.

You can never have too many fun aprons.

Keep calm and put your apron on,


  1. Love it! I have lots of aprons, my favourite is a vintage one in pink and blue with frills around the bib, its about 30 years old now.

  2. I'm sure you get a lot of attention from the kids when you wear a fun apron.

  3. Hi Betty Lou could you please tell me what Wednesday night dinners at White's Chapel is????? Great aprons, especially the trimmings you have added. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  4. Hi Betty Lou, I love your new blog I have a few myself! I signed up for email and GFC, looking forward to reading your posts!


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