Putting the happy in Happy Halloween

I love Halloween, not the gruesome Halloween, but the Happy Halloween.  Friendly ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, bobbing for apples, and little children in their one of a kind costumes.  I love it when the older kids come trick or treating just trying to squeeze out one more year of their childhood.

I miss the time when children could wear their costumes to school and have a parade  around the playground. When our children were little we would have a little pre-party for the neighborhood kids and feed them a light dinner before they went out to collect their loot of candy.  It was so much fun.

I remember making thecostumes for my two little boys, the first year they were witches, the next year clowns; after that it soon became costumes for four.  Then I made costumes for the grandchildren; race car drivers, nurses, dinosaurs, bees, you name it, I probably made it.

So this Halloween I will wear my Halloween apron and witch hat and wait for the door bell to ring.  I'll admire each costume and I'll hand out candy by the handful, because on October 31st, I become a kid again.

Keep calm and put your apron on,


  1. What cute fabric! And I love aprons made this way!

  2. Isn't it nice to have such happy memories? I would love to see you at the door with your apron and and hat. I'll bet the kids love to come to your house.

  3. I hope you're had a happy Halloween. I love the fabric of your apron! Xx


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