Sunday Best in the 50's

These two organdy aprons were purchased at a thrift shop on our recent trip to Ohio.  Although the styles are different they are made with the same light blue organdy fabric and appear to be made by the same person.

Every housewife in the 50's and 60's had a couple of hostess aprons that she would wear when having guests for dinner, a cocktail party, or maybe entertaining her bridge club.

Although very similar the aprons are different.  The one has a gathered skirt with ruffle at the bottom and pockets and possibly made from this Advance pattern.  In 1948 Penny's gave this pattern away to promote the Bob Hope and Jane Russell movie The Paleface.

The next is a half circle apron with lace trim around the bottom and the name Marjorie embroidered on the pocket and could have been made using Simplicity pattern 1846.

When I was married I made pastel organdy aprons for the girls to wear who were serving cake and punch at the reception.  Guess Marjorie and I had a lot in common.

Keep calm and put your apron on,


  1. These are so pretty!! I really like half aprons! Loved seeing the patterns and your comments about them.

  2. My sister recently sent me some stuff they found in her husband's Grandmother's house when they were cleaning it out after she moved to a nursing home. There were some vintage patterns (traced onto paper) no directions or pictures/sketches. One is for an apron! I want to try to make it when things calm down a bit here. I will share the results with you.

  3. Hi Again! I couldn't resist checking out your apron blog. Great!
    Hope you can stop by ,
    I take vintage apron's in need of help and ..redo...rework...revive...
    then resell...hehe

  4. What a great idea to make organdy aprons for the girls serving at your wedding reception. I wonder how many of them still have the aprons?

  5. This is such a sweet blog and I love vintage aprons as well!! I remember so well, my grandmother and aunt always wearing an apron. It was a normal part of their attire.

  6. I have a apron my mother wore in the late 50's, it was considered a sunday apron...i still have it and its gorgeous...if you would like a picture, i will send one of it

  7. I do love vintage aprons. I think that was our first sewing project in elementary school. My Mom was kind about ti and wore it, no matter how less-than-perfect. Happy VTT.

  8. Many of my family members wore aprons. However, they were for big time cooking and work. Nothing this nice.

  9. How sweet.I grew up in the 50--60's and can't remember my mom using them much. But I know she had them. Recently we closed out my BIL home and cleared out a lot of things I did acquire a couple of them that his mom made (as she and his dad lived there since his birth). Not sure what I'm going to do w them though.


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