Black Friday Sewing

I have never been one to fight the crowds on Black Friday so I spent my day in my sewing room. This was a perfect day to make a new Christmas apron.

I fell in love with this gingerbread print when I saw it at Hobby Lobby and thought it would work well with Lori Holt's One Yard Apron.   One half yard for the skirt, one quarter yard for waistband and pocket trim, and another quarter yard for sash and pockets.  I cut the pocket smaller and only added one as I wanted the gingerbread men to dance around the skirt.  Cookies anyone?

Stay calm and put your apron on,

Betty Lou


  1. Such sweet fabric ~ an apron perfect for Christmas cooking!

  2. So cute and very Christmasy - love the green polka dot fabric popping against the red :D

  3. This is darling. You always find the best fabric.

    Love your Christmas side bars.

  4. Cute apron! I have a friend who loves gingerbread men and women. I will keep you in my prayers.

  5. Cute apron! I have a friend who loves gingerbread! I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

  6. Very 'sweet' apron, Betty Lou. I like the varied polka dot fabric colors, and the pocket is darling - a very festive apron, indeed.

    I, too, am not one to fight crowds on Black Friday. I don't even like that name - it certainly doesn't bring out the celebration in me. But your idea for the day was much better.


  7. Just love your sweet apron! So cute and Christmas~y.
    Happy Rednesday!

  8. Very cute, Betty Lou! I imagine you have lots of apron patterns? I buy them when I see them...they are so much fun!

  9. Such a sweet apron. What a nice way to make holiday baking even more festive!

  10. Smart lady to spend your time so creatively instead of pushing and shoving! Love the fabric and the apron

  11. So many ginger breads and they look cute.

  12. Hello
    After posting a reply to your sample apron pattern blog, I went to to check out vintage Advance patterns. "Underwood Creations" site has a half apron sample from Advance/Penney (1940's) plus a Simplicity full, wrap-around sample apron (1970's). Thought you might be interested. Another bonus, her prices (and s/h) are generally half of other sites. I haven't tried her site though,
    Nearly all my patterns are from thrift stores for 10 to 25 cents. My
    DH thinks it's a weird collection choice for a woman who can't cook.

    Simplicity 7365 apron has paper, disposable fabrics and felt listed under Suggested fabric types!! 1967 must have been a wild time.
    Delia from RB


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