Want to Play With Paper Dolls?

This apron was fun to make as every time I would look at the print it made me smile.  When I was little girl I think I played with paper dolls more than dolls, so when I saw this print with cowboy and cowgirl paper dolls I knew it would make a fun apron.


With the addition of the red dot ruffle I'll be ready for a Texas Barbecue.

A reminder that tomorrow, November 27th, is national Tie One On Day, traditionally the day before Thanksgiving, we all tie on our aprons and celebrate the women who came before us.

Enjoy all the pieces of your life,


  1. Oh yes! That is sweet fabric. I also played with paper dolls, mostly ones cut from catalogs. I really like this apron pattern!

  2. I love your apron. Could you let me know where you got the pattern. I would love to make one. Thank you.

  3. I'm dropping back in today, Friday, in reply to your comment you left for me about your Thanksgiving pies. After the incident with my potatoes, your pies look wonderful! lol

  4. Yes. . .Please tell us where we can get that cute pattern. I want to make my daughter and granddaughter matching aprons for Christmas and that is exactly what I had in mind! It is sooo cute! Love it.


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