Last week there were four ufinished projects in my basket, this weekend between football games (go Ohio State) and a little Christmas decorating, I finished two.  One is a Christmas present so I can't show that just yet and the other a Prayer Shawl.  Eighteen Prayer shawls completed since last November. WooHoo

I saw this pattern on Raveley called Elise and it was made with fine thread and not really useful for a Prayer Shawl.  Then I saw a picture of one made with knitting worsted and it gave the shawl a completely different look.  Love it, it's a simple enough pattern and it was charted, love those crochet charts. The shawl will fit a rather tall lady as it dwarfs my 5' 2" frame.

Maybe with the help of Santa's elves I might be able to finish another project or two in my basket

Until next time,


  1. Great! And just in time for cold weather, the knitting worsted is nice.

  2. Such a lovely shawl! You do such beautiful work!


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